Energy is power - how to harness energy from the chakras

Close your eyes. The sounds around you are steady, like the pattern of rain. Your hair is caught by a sudden breeze. Breathing in, the scent of pine infuses your lungs with their clearing power. Your body becomes cleansed with your breaths, your mind becomes cleansed with your breaths. You rub your hands together, activating… Read More

What's your Magic? Find out your magical style at the Conservatory of Natural Magic - A School for the Magically Inclined

There are many ways to begin to a story. But there are always some beginnings that work better than others. Writing benefits from re-writing, because the author has spend countless (or all too countable) drafts honing in, cutting out fluff, removing ill-thought material, refining plot, refining character, refining thematic elements, and on and on until… Read More

Is a Witch Without Her Broom Still a Witch? Read about the power of magical objects and how to make yourself magical at the Conservatory of Magic

The Power of Objects Obviously, the answer is yes, tangled (as it so often is) in but. Power, loads of power, comes from within. But objects come with their own set of magical properties. Why do you need a toolkit? The magical folk you read about in fiction aren’t without tools. They have magical allies… Read More


Dear Diary,   Today I scrapped all of the posts I had written over the last two years, blazing ahead with the new regime at the Conservatory of Natural Magic. It was a move I’d been putting off for a year. (Fear, that old bag. Procrastination. The usual suspects.) Redesiging the entire structure of the… Read More